3 - INVITATION TO TENDER FOR External expertise

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Contract title: REF Act. 1.3 – Consultancy for development a spatial analysis of the status of conservation of nature and associated values and the potential for governance innovation for the selected areas

Institute for Nature Conservation in Albania invite you to take part in the tender procedure for the above contract in the frame of the project: “Good governance for effective and equitable conservation” financed by Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust (PONT).

 The complete tender dossier is attached to this letter. It includes:

  • Instructions to tenderers
  • Terms of Reference
  • Budget (to be submitted by the tenderer as the financial offer using the template provided)

Other information:

  • Tender submission form

To download all tender documents, please click as follows

  1. Instruction to Tender
  2. SpecificToRPAgovernanceHistoryrevINCA

  3. annexvbudgetglobal_en
  4. b8ntenderformHistoric

  5. bidders binding declaration
  6. b8j4annexvilefcompanyen

  7. Draft Contract

We look forward to receiving your tender before 28/04/2023 time 16.00 set in point 5 of the Instructions to Tenderers. Please send it to the address and with the requirements given in point 5. By submitting a tender, you accept to receive notification of the outcome of the procedure by electronic means.



Rruga Islam Alla, Pallati IVEA, Kat I, Tirana, Albania

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